Canvas Giclée Art Prints, without question, are the closest you can get to the actual quality and likeness of an original oil painting on canvas. Next to the original, their quality and beauty is unmatched by any other medium. They are truly museum-quality fine art reproductions. In fact, from across the room a hand embellished Giclée can be hard to distinguish from the original printing!

Typically there are two types of Giclée art prints. One is on canvas and the other on paper. Giclée on Paper prints have a beautiful satin-finish, and offer the finest reproduction of the painting's "imageness"; the Giclée on Canvas prints have the look and feel of the original painting and offer the finest reproduction of the painting's "objectness". Giclée is French for "to spray out," a term that refers to the way ink is applied to canvas or paper by a special large-format, ultra-high-resolution color ink-jet printer that create museum-quality fine art reproductions. This is accomplished by laying a series of fine dots so closely together that even under high magnification the dot pattern is virtually invisible and the image appears to be continuous-tone - like the original painting itself. Giclée prints achieve near-perfect fidelity to the original artwork.